eNewsletter January 2018

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A New Year?!!

It’s hard for us to believe that we are already into a New Year!  2017 was an amazing year where we saw God’s guidance and blessing as prayers where answered!   And, boy, did it go by fast!  For the first time, in probably 30 years, all of our boxes are unpacked as a result of being “At Home on Home Avenue”.

You may recall, from last year’s newsletters, that we have a three-pronged ministry approach using the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy globally, locally and in our own neighborhood.

Globally – the Global CHE Network

Jim serves on the Global CHE Network Service Team as the Technology Facilitator for the Global CHE Network.   His ministry is to help, and to provide, technology solutions that enable and expand the use of CHE worldwide.

The global Community Health Evangelism ministry continues to grow. We now have Community Health Evangelism work in 129 countries with the strategy being used by people from more than 650 denominations and faith-based organizations. For example, Zambia, Africa, Community Health Evangelists are visiting the same 40,098 homes every month teaching both physical and spiritual topics impacting nearly 200,000 people. After December’s launch of the Community Health Evangelism and Education Program, we expect that number to grow exponentially. We are believing God to help us reach a million villages worldwide with the love and truth of the Gospel by 2025.

We currently maintain over 17,000 Bible and health lessons, stories and manuals on our website and that we also distribute to workers by flash drive.  In addition, there are hundreds of more available in a variety of languages, in our cloud storage space.

We have teams that meet weekly, for prayer, ministry updates, and ministry planning, using our modern video conferencing platform.

And, 2017 saw a very large growth in the numbers of training events held worldwide.  You can check out current scheduled training events on our website at https://www.chenetwork.org/trainingall.php.  And, as we ended 2017, training events for 2018 were already being scheduled.

Without the support of those who pray for us, and donate to our mission, we would not be as effective in the work we are privileged to do!  Please consider allowing us to be your missionaries, from the streets where we live, to cities and villages around the world, by praying regularly for the opportunities for us to serve, and by regular donations to our work.  See the About Us section below for details.



We’ve made plans for several outreach efforts here in the Village of Lockland – our town – for 2018.   Some of the ideas that came out of our November 2017 planning meeting for 2018 outreach ideas are;

  • Another “Passing Out in Lockland” event in another section of the community where we pass out New Testaments to the homes, and those on the streets, in that designated area.
  • Make plans and connections for a potential 2019 Basketball Camp with Athletes in Action.
  • Place Prayer Stations, a night time event, on some key intersections of the community.
  • Place Prayer Stations, a day time event, on some key intersections of the community.
  • Make additional contacts to build moment for the Metanoia Center
    • Funding contacts such as donors and grant providers.
    • Contact through the local schools to provide courses that meet needs of the community, such as Faith and Finances, Creation Health and basic computer training.
    • Develop a plan to implement, along with courses provided, a way for attendees to connect to local Village of Lockland churches.


Our Neighborhood – At Home on Home Ave

Neighborhoods, in the 21st century United States culture, have become more isolated. With the increase isolation we see statistics growing indicating that loneliness is one of the greatest concerns people face today.  Typically, we live in a year-round climate controlled home with a privacy fence around the back yard.  We spend more and more time on TV or other devices like computers, tablets and smart phones while spending less time interacting with those we live with, and those we live next too.  We move from inside our house, into our garage, and get inside of a car, drive somewhere while seldom talking and interacting with those at the checkout or service counter, we utilize self service gas pumps,  ATM’s and checkouts, we return home into our garages, walk inside our homes, and spend the evening on a device or TV.  And repeat.  Gone are the days when folks spent time in their yards, walking their neighborhoods, and talking “over the fence” or hanging out in the neighborhood park.  It’s not surprising then, that values are dictated by the media voices we watch and hear.  And, with the rise of lonely living, is the decline of opportunity to share Biblical truth and hope.

As Homies on Home Ave we can be intentional in order to connect with our neighbors.  We do this by being out–and-about in our neighborhood, taking walks, visiting the park, working the yard, and having a garden.  All of these so we can be available to talk-over-the-fence or say “hi”.  As we go … seeking opportunities to share The Hope that we have.  In addition, for 2018, we’ve made plans to create deeper relationships with our neighbors by:

  • Offering a Monday Church study in our home starting in January inviting our neighbors to join us.
  • Provide a couple of yard parties inviting the neighbors on our block to “come on over”.
  • And taking more time to simply stand and talk, listening and sharing.


“Therefore, as you go, disciple people in all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit” Matt 28:19 ISV


Serving With You Because of Him,

Jim and Phyllis Null
Galatians 2: 20

About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Global Community Health Evangelism Network. Donations to their ministry may be made through Alliance for Transformational Ministry, 727 E Bethany Home Rd, Ste D-122, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or online by visiting https://atm.givingfuel.com/gcn. Please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.

Contact Us: Our contact information is: Jim and Phyllis Null, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, Oh, 45215 – Telephone: 502-235-7005