eNewsletter July 2016


We’re back in Cincinnati!  We successfully relocated back to Cincinnati on June 24th!  On Wednesday, the 22nd we wrapped up the packaging! And then on Thursday the 24th our “All Volunteer Loading Crew” arrived to squeeze everything into our 22 foot Penske truck.  It was hot and humid while our loading team successfully squeezed it all into the truck – except for the lawnmower and a picnic table!  It was hard and hot work but mostly it was a fun time, and sad, time, working with good friends and neighbors!

Friday morning, after carpet cleaning the house, we headed out for Cincinnati.  We arrived at our storage place just in time for the “All Volunteer Unloading Crew” to arrive at 1pm.  And it was a hotter and more humid day to boot!  This group of people are masters at squeezing a 3 bedroom house into a 10 x 15 storage unit.  10 x 15 is about the size of a one car garage.  God sent us super-compactors to accomplish this goal in less than 3 hours of work.  Amazing!

From here we returned the moving truck to Penske, and headed over to The Oasis to unload two cars of “stuff”.   The Oasis is the home of our good friend and fellow missionary Judy K.!  She has graciously gifted us with her finished full basement as our living space while we look for a home to purchase.  After unloading the cars, dinner, and then the big crash as we easily feel asleep.

The Loading Team
The Unloading Team

By the way … our cell phone numbers remain the same (Phyllis: 502.235.7005 Jim: 502.235.7338) and our temporary postal mail address is: Jim and Phyllis Null, PO Box 62379, Sharonville, OH, 45262.

Next Steps

Taking care of the “important” things –

  1. Jim had to go to The Root Beer Stand, which we now have checked off.
  2. And, his first order was to get his work area setup in The Oasis as soon as possible.  This was needed so that he could connect to the ministries he works with around the world – and be back on task with the Global CHE Network.  After a visit to MicroCenter to purchase a missing power cord – this is now checked off!

With number 1 and 2 above checked off …

hartwellWe continue to seek out available homes in the Hartwell area for sale.  Our agent, Sally Spears, graces us with such patience in helping us along the way.  Sally is a long time friend from when we lived in the Heritage Hill area last century.  We think she’s the best! and are grateful for her kind services in our house hunting.

Along with house hunting in Hartwell we have also been walking the streets of Hartwell praying for those who live there, for the churches, and for open doors and tender hearts as we seek how the Lord will use us in this neighborhood and in the city of Cincinnati.  Once we have a home under contract we plan to then begin making what Jim calls “soft connections” with the churches in the area.  Soft connections are where we attend a worship service, and/or, seek to meet with the pastoral staff.  If we have the opportunity of meeting our hopes are to share about our moving into the neighborhood and how CHE (community health evangelism) is a strategy that we will be using to engage with others in the community.

How You Can Pray

  • Transitions – with this move will come lots of transitions, here are few for which we desire prayer
    • Moving back into living in the same area of most of our children,
    • Living in temporary-mode till we find a house,
    • Re-connecting with the ministry and work of our home church after being gone for 13 years,
    • Seeking out additional ministry partners,
    • Connecting with local churches where we end up living,
    • Moving from Louisville to The Oasis then eventually into our own house.
  • Praise and prayer for our health
  • Pray for how we can minister to friends of many years now that we’re closer to them
  • And pray for all those “small” things from finding a good, affordable auto mechanic, to sourcing doctors and other local services.
  • Most importantly – once we have a house under contract – connecting with the community of that address, and the churches, and the neighbors so that we effectively live out the Gospel from our front door to wherever God chooses to use us.

Serving With You Because of Him,

Jim and Phyllis Null


About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Global Community Health Evangelism Network. Donations to their ministry may be made through Alliance for Transformational Ministry, 727 E Bethany Home Rd, Ste D-122, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or online by visiting https://atm.givingfuel.com/gcn.  Please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.

Contact Us: Our contact information is: Jim and Phyllis Null – Telephone: 502-235-7005

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