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The International Wholistic Mission Confernce (IWMC) is being held from May 1-3, 2018 at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. This is an annual conference sponsored by our mission organization, the Global CHE Network.  The conference is typically very deep and wide on the application of the CHE strategy, core values and principles in mission and ministry efforts worldwide.

Full details on the conference, including schedule, tracks and accommodations can be found on the IWMC websiteYou are invited to attend this one-of-a-kind conference in warm Phoenix, AZ.

Phyllis and I attend this conference annually as part of our ongoing training.  At times it also ends up being a “working” conference where our particular gifts are used.  Our estimated cost to attend this years conference is $2000 which includes travel, registrations and meals.   Our lodging is usually gifted to us in the home of folks who live in the Phoenix area (which results in a huge savings for a weeks stay).

Please click the button below to contribute to our fund for attending this conference!  Select “Ministry of Jim Null” from the drop down on the new page.Thank you for your help in making it possible!


Travel Contributions


The Global Impact of Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

A Report From Chad

Written By Terry Dalyrmple
Coordinator of the Global CHE Nework

We finished TOT 1 (Training of Trainers) today (Saturday), and I head for Ghana on Monday morning. Very positive response. The group grew larger as the week went on- from 37 to 48. There seems to be a hunger in this group for a wholistic development approach.

The Chadian organization we are serving (PCET) is an Association of organizations and their missionaries networked together to reach the remaining 72 unengaged people groups in the Sahel and Sharan regions of Chad. Presidents of 18 Christian organizations were present for the opening ceremony. Each of the six days together opened with a plenary in the morning, and then broke into three groups for training in the late morning and afternoons. There were three tracks: 1. Church Planting and Leadership, 2. Bible translation, and 3. CHE. Ours was by far the largest which surprised me.

PCET has succeeded in bringing together denominations, mission agencies, Bible translators, evangelical associations, and development agencies. One researcher told me that for the first time the entire evangelical community has come together in PCET.

We met Pastor David, the president of the PCET last night, and the plan is to form a CHE Network in Chad from those we’ve trained to provide ongoing encouragement, bring back Konan and Djibo for the next phase of training, and recruit two leaders from the group who will be trained as coordinators for the movement in the country. This morning Pastor David told me he has already contacted three people as potential CHE coordinators.

There is a Korean couple that has been here since 2001 that went through our internship in the Philippines 2004. They are training CHE workers for Food for the Hungry and World Vision and have started 14 CHE programs here.

Pray now that this group will move forward and succeed in their goal of taking the Gospel to the remaining unengaged peoples here in Chad.

Jim serves as the Technology Facilitator of the Global CHE Network providing, and using, technology to help enable the CHE strategy around the world.  The CHE strategy combines community development with evangelism and discipleship.

“Passing Out” Lockland – 2018

750 New Testaments needed for 2018’s “New Testament Pass Out” in the Village of Lockland!  This year we will be passing out New Testaments in two areas of the Village.  In one area the count is around 125 addresses, and the second area the count is around 600.  So we’re getting an early jump on seeking donations of New Testaments for 2018.

The prices for these New Testaments fluctuate. Take note of the discount if you order 50 or more!!!

How You Can Help

  • Place an Order: Please feel free to ship them directly to our house at this address: Jim and Phyllis Null, 316 Home Ave, Lockland, OH, 45215.
  • Join us to distribute them on the designated day – yet to be determined!
  • Participate in the after-event cookout by providing cook-out food and materials for the cookout, and joining in.
  • Pray, Pray, Pray
  • Share this with others who might be able to help.


Order NTs Here



Faith & Finances (Sponsored by the Metanoia Center)

We have had the privilege of sharing the biblically-based principles in our Faith & Finance class, on Tuesday evenings at Lockland High School.

Our first night we had five in attendance and the second week we had nine! We have shared personal discoveries and confessions as well as open and honest discussions concerning our management or mismanagement of our financial resources. This twelve-week curriculum teaches biblical principles for proper stewarding of income and expenses. Many of the participants, because they are on a fixed income or have limited financial resources, desire to know how to use their income in the most beneficial, God-honoring ways.

In our first two weeks, we have learned how our money affects our relationships, as well as exploring personal values and attitudes about money. In some of the lessons ahead, we will be looking at setting savings goals, creating spending plans, managing debt, and preparing for emergencies. We are grateful to Lockland Schools for giving us the opportunity to launch their Adult Education Program with this course. They have been very encouraging and supportive of our efforts. Please pray for our participants to be faithful in their class attendance and to come to class with open hearts to receive the instruction that the Lord has for them.

Click here to visit the Metanoia Center website.  The Metanoia Center is an entity that we are creating to be the holding organization for outreach lessons provided to area communities.

Monday Church in Home Study

Our Monday night neighborhood Monday Church study is quickly coming to an end.  This power ten week study is worth every minute of having experienced it.

We invited everyone in the immediate block of our “home on Home Ave” to join us.  As a result, we’ve met a wonderful neighbor couple who are living their daily walk for Christ.  It’s been a joy to study with them and get to know them!

Click the button below to find out more about Coram Deo’s Monday Church study — a study you can do any day, at any time, not just on Monday nights!

Monday Church Study


Prayer List

  1. We are praying for churches to be revived and to become active in their block neighborhoods; and, to come together to share the love of Christ with each other and their community.
  2. Praying for funding, or donations, to cover expenses to attend IWMC.  Our cost is estimated at about $2000.
  3. Praying for funding, or donations, to cover expenses to attend “Work Life” training.  “Work Life” is a biblically-based curriculum Chalmer’s.  Once trained we would be able to deliver this course to our local, and extended, community. The estimated cost for the course, including travel, lodging, etcetera, is $2000.
  4. Praying for possible partnerships to lead Faith & Finances training in various churches and organizations in the area.
  5. Praying about leading a CHE Vision Seminar for the southwest Ohio PCUSA, with a focus on urban churches and neighborhoods.

Serving With You Because of Him,

Jim and Phyllis Null
Galatians 2: 20

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