eNewsletter October 2019

Global Ministry

As we roll out of October and into November the Global CHE Network begins planning for the Spring of 2020 for the annual International Wholistic Missions Conference (IWMC).   IWMC will be formatted for 2020 around the concept of “roundtables” for discussion and sharing of wholistic and CHE ministry work worldwide.  Jim is serving as the “technology person” for this conference.

Please pray with us for the first committee planning meeting being held on November 18th!   This four-hour meeting will bring together people from around the world to plan and coordinate for the 2020 conference being held in Phoenix, Arizona from May 13 through May 15th.

You can read more about the conference by going here: https://www.wholisticmissions.com/

Local and Community Ministry

ESL Classes

We are quickly approaching the end of our first season of ESL (English as a Second Language) classes!  We have had over 24 student participants this fall representing the countries of Guatemala, Senegal and Mauritania.  We are “over the top” grateful for our volunteers and those serving with us on the “ESL Committee”.    There are over 14 volunteers that have worked with us this fall from a variety of different churches with the largest church representation being Kenwood Baptist Church.

We have made plans for Spring 2020 and are working to finalize the funding, the location, and the schedule for our next season of ESL classes.

Consider volunteering!  Being a ESL Learning Partner doesn’t require any special training – it simply requires a willingness to patiently work once a week for several hours with a student.  We especially need male learning partners as we often have more male students than female!   Contact Jim for details (contact details are below) and to explore the potential of you ministering to the residents of the Village of Lockland by being a ESL Learning Partner!

Faith & Finances Classes

Phyllis will also be wrapping up this fall’s Faith & Finances course.   It’s been a very rewarding course for which we are very grateful for the partnership of Juliette’s Hope and their residents for participating.   And a special thank you to Lockland Christian Church for the use of their building once weekly to hold the classes! Pictured below is a photo of the class participants, including Phyllis as the class facilitator.

Jim will be taking the Faith & Finances online course to become certified to facilitate the course.  Thus we’ll be able to facilitate a course together or two courses at once!  We continue to look for others who have an interest to become Faith & Finances facilitators – this is another opportunity for others to volunteer to serve in a great skill and relationship building capacity!  Interested? – reach out to us (contact information is below) with your questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Ministry Values

We are reading through several books published by Reconciled World (www.reconciledworld.org). We continue to develop and solidify the core values of our ministry focus areas and the values of the Metanoia Center (www.metanoiacenter.net).  We’ve found these publications are very helpful in this process.  We met the principles of Reconciled World at one of the annual International Wholistic Mission Conferences!

The current title we are working through is “Nurturing Truth, Confronting Lies Book 2”.  The content of this book is profound.   As we read through the pages we thought “how great this would be if we could share a copy with those in our circle of friends”.   So we reached out to Reconciled World to  get hold of some extra printed copies and we discoveredd that the publications are available online, free, as Adobe Acrobat PDF downloads!  How cool is that!

And here is a link where you can download your own PDF copy to read through “Nurturing Truth, Confronting Lies Book 2”.   It will challenge your thinking and help you hone a Biblical Worldview of missions and ministry!

Download a Copy


Next we also wanted to share with everyone a message that challenged and encouraged us!  Over time a certain thinking, or mindset, about missions has developed among Believers along the lines of “missions is over there” and that missions is reserved for a special group of people, and in modern times that missions is “going on a mission trip”.   This message, from Wayne Lowe, Pastor of Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, will massage your thinking about missions and the purpose of missions.  The purpose of missions directly relates to  our thinking of what missions is and “how we do missions”!

Listen to Video


Prayer List

As we close out this newsletter we want to thank you for your partnership with us!  You are under-girding us with prayer, finances and by being boots on the ground locally and globally for which we are extremely grateful.   We are honored and privileged to be able to serve the nations as your missionaries!  Thank you for joining us in prayer.

  • Praying for the outcome of 4 prayer walks in the Village of Lockland this past summer.
  • Praying for 2020
    • For ESL classes,
    • For Faith & Finances classes,
    • For Prayer Walks,
    • For summer ministry events,
    • For Good News Club, Cru, and Young Life volunteers
  • Praying for finances for our personal support,
  • Praying for finances to provide for ministry events by, and a location, for the Metanoia Center,
  • For the Global CHE Network, the Global CHE Network Service Team and Jim’s role as Technology Facilitator,
  • For the outcome of ongoing contacts that we are privileged to make to expand ministry openings,
  • Pray for those who volunteer, and will volunteer, to help and those who join in Prayer Walks.
  • Continue to pray for the churches of Lockland and their pastors!
  • Most of all pray along with us that all of our efforts are focused on glorifying God!

Serving With You Because of Him,
Jim and Phyllis
Galatians 2:20

About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Global Community Health Evangelism Network ministering globally, locally and in their own neighborhood. Donations to their ministry may be made through Alliance for Transformational Ministry, 727 E Bethany Home Rd, Ste D-122, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or online by visiting https://atm.givingfuel.com/gcn. Please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.

Contact Us: our contact information is: Jim and Phyllis Null, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, Oh, 45215 – Telephone: 502-235-7005