January 2024 newsletter

Phase 2 Praise God, Phase 2 has been completed. Phase 2 was the renovation of the second floor of 113 N. Wayne Ave. We now have a completely renovated Home for the Metanoia Center, with the completion of Phase 1 last year and now Phase 2. Due to the generous donations that we received, both … Read more

Newsletter, October 2023

Phase 2 update We are delighted to share that phase 2 continues to progress nicely. Electrical is being completed soon to follow will be insulation and drywall. Once we get to the drywall stage, we are in to the homestretch of completing the project. We’re very excited about this! We’re also happy to report that … Read more

Newsletter, September 2023

About Those Rocks We thought it might happen sometime, and it finally did. A rock found its way through the plate glass window on the front of 115 N. Wayne Ave.! We’ve had the glass company come out and remove the glass and now we have a little project we’re looking for help to complete. … Read more