eNewsletter September 2019

Global, Local and Community Missions Local and Community Missions In the month of September the Metanoia Center rolled out a new website that is leaner, and thus faster, for site visitors to explore!  The Center’s website is at http://www.metanoiacenter.net.   The website tells site visitors about the Center, how they can engage and, when available, how … Read more

eNewsletter August 2019

Where To Find Joy How would you describe joy?  In developed countries, like the United States, “joy” is intimately linked to material possessions and the money to buy them.  If I had that new car?  If I had a new cell phone? If I had a bigger house?  If I could go on vacation?  If, … Read more

eNewsletter July 2019

Monthly newsletter from Jim and Phyllis Null serving in Global, Local and Community Missions. Community Summer Ministry What an amazing month this July has been for summer ministry in the Village of Lockland.  We are overly grateful to those who came to invest in our Village and minister to our community – to those who … Read more