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Newsletter January 2022

2022 Has Arrived! Typically, with our monthly newsletter, we look back at the previous month and highlight some of the key activities of the Metanoia Center.  And then we look ahead at what we see coming as items to pray for! As we look back at December 2021 we find that we spent a bunch […]

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Newsletter Nov/Dec 2021

Focusing on Phase I In November we finalized some gutter work and roof trim work along with having some huge trees (in the back of 113) cut down and trimmed.   We have some exterior painting that remains to be done that will wait till warmer weather in 2022.   The buildings are now all set […]

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Newsletter October 2021

Tour Times Available Reach out to us to schedule a one and half-hour personal tour of the Metanoia Center. Contact us by text, or telephone, at 502.235.7338 or by email at director@metanoiacenter.net.   Your tour includes a walk through the ministry buildings on N. Wayne Ave and hearing the story that God is writing through the […]

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