eNewsletter April 2020

New Donation Address

Please update your records to reflect the new mailing address below for donations mailed to support our ministry through the Global CHE Network.   This change goes into affect on May 1, 2020!

Alliance for Transformational Ministry
ATTN: Global CHE Network
4702 East Monte Way
Phoenix, AZ   85044

Back At It On May 23rd, 2020!

It’s time to get back to work on creating A Home for the Metanoia Center!  We’ve scheduled our next group work day for Saturday, May 23rd.

We will be focusing our work on one, or more, of the following project areas:

  • Removal of sub-flooring from Apt 1’s dining room, and replacing it with available OSB flooring.
  • Removing ceilings and insulation from Apt 1.
  • Removing tin roofing, dry wall, and flooring from the downstairs.
  • Debris will be placed in plastic construction bags and carried to the lower level and then into the bed of a truck or dumpster (if available).


We will be adding additional weeks for June, July and August!

Complete Details



While the State was under the “stay at home” directive we have made some small progress on the building!  Phyllis and I have been visiting the building regularly, interacting with people on the street and working on small projects.

  • All of the drywall has been removed from the walls of the small back room.
  • A complete new, including joists, roof and gutters/downspouts are now installed on the small back room.
  • We’ve begun removing some of the metal ceiling tiles.
  • And we’ve begun removing some of the electrical wires.
  • And a new door is now in place for the upstairs apartments.


Reaching Out

Everyone has been impacted by the shut down in the wake of responding to coronavirus.  Our concerns are: that the number of poor has been increased, and, that those never before considered poor now are and don’t know where to turn.  We shared this concern with a few, including the deacons at Faith Bible Church, and they began responding!

With donations from several individuals, Faith Bible Church Deacons and the Metanoia Center we have been able to share 38 Kroger $50 gift cards with Good News Club, Cru and ESL students as well as other individuals in the Village.  Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible.  Phyllis and I have walked through apartments and visited houses to drop off the cards.  They were received with great appreciation, and some with obvious surprise that they were cared for by those whom, other than us, they’ve never met.  This is a huge testimony of the body of Christ!

Another Great Gift!

Hauling materials and supplies in a four-door Saturn presents some challenges when you’re rehabbing a two-story building!  Wow!  Did God answer a huge need that we didn’t even ask Him to supply.  This month the Metanoia Center received a donation for a used pickup truck!  And we’ve already put it to use hauling materials to the Metanoia Center from local hardware stores.  Pictured below is a photo of the truck loaded with two furnaces from the Metanoia Center we took to a recylcer (for $10.80 – Jim was happy to find someone who would take them from us!).  What a tremendous gift that will make the work easier!  Thank you God, and thank you to those who donated this gift!

Prayer Topics

  • Pray for volunteers for work weeks through out the summer.
  • Pray for a ministry partner who will take on repairing the back section of the second floor that has been damaged due to roof leakage in the past.  A partnership of this nature would be a huge financial, and professional, blessing for the Metanoia Center.
  • Pray for the letters of inquiry we’ve been sending out to foundations, and others, for grants to fund the ongoing rehab work.
  • Pray for outreach happening around the building as we engage neighbors and walkers in the neighborhood about the buildings purpose.
  • Pray for the poor as their struggles are intensified in the wake of the response to coronavirus, and how we might be able to reach out to them.


Serving With You Because of Him,
Jim and Phyllis
Galatians 2:20

About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Global Community Health Evangelism Network ministering globally, locally and in their own neighborhood. Donations to their ministry may be made through Global CHE Network, 4702 East Monte Way, Phoenix, AZ   85044or online by visiting https://atm.givingfuel.com/gcn. Please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.

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