Newsletter January 2023

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End of the Year

As we come to the end of 2022, and, with this newsletter publish our first 2023 newsletter, we’re very much aware of how rapid change is taking place!

Thank you for all your help, financially, volunteering, praying, serving and more in getting us to completion of Phase One!

Phase 1 Completed

On Wednesday, December 21, we passed our final inspection with Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and can now occupy the building.   We have some remaining things to do to be ready for our first class in the building, mostly cleaning and polishing.    And our general contractor came in on budget – Praise God!

One of the items we removed from the original plan to reduce the original estimate of the renovation from over $200,000 down to $182,000 was the completion of the pantry area.   So, today, with the work complete, we still have this one room remaining to be done.   It’s cost is estimated in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.  This room includes two rows of cabinets, an electric range, a microwave, and a refrigerator.  Today, the room is ready to have these items added and be finished.  We have asked our general contractor to proceed with completing the pantry as the calendar moves into January, adding it to his work queue.

We wanted to share this information as an “end of 2022” opportunity to completely finish the bottom floor.    Remember, any donation, to qualify for a 2022 tax deduction, must be postmarked or processed on or before December 31st.   Online donations towards this item can be made by going here, or mailed in to the Metanoia Center, Business Office, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, OH, 45215.

By the way – if you are looking for a General Contractor, or someone to build a house for  you, or handle a remodel job, please reach out to Unlimited Carpentry.   The work they’ve done for us is beautiful, it was on budget, professional, and managed extremely well.   We are over the top grateful for this group of skilled workers.  Their website is here.

Our Vision

We recently  updated our website with a new page titled “Our Vision”.  You can view that page by going to this link. It is also reproduced below.

Electricians wrapping up wiring our new heat pump.

Phase One

A Home for the Metanoia Center: Phase One is the complete renovation of the bottom floor of 113 N. Wayne Ave. This is the space where all of the programs of the Metanoia Center will occur. Approximately 1800 square feet of class room and gathering space for classes, after school programs, meetings and more!

Phase One was realized at the end of December of 2022!

Phase Two

A Home for the Metanoia Center: Phase Two is the complete renovation of the second floor of 113 N. Wayne Ave. The second floor consists of two small apartments, that, when complete, will be made available as rentals on the open market. The proceeds from the rentals will go towards operational expenses of the Metanoia Center, and for building upkeep and repair and maintenance. Thus generating a sustainable income to support the ministry of the Metanoia Center.

We are currently in the fundraising stage of Phase Two accepting donations and/or grants. Our desire is to complete Phase Two by the end of 2023.  We are also waiting on the final cost estimate for this Phase.

Phase Three

Based upon community input the vision for 115 N. Wayne includes a neighborhood medical clinic. We are seeking a Cincinnati area medical partner to join us in this effort to develop the Clinic @the Metanoia Center in the front of 115 N. Wayne Ave.

We are currently in the planning stage of this phase.

Phase Four

Again, based upon community input, we are envisioning the back of 115 N. Wayne as a neighborhood laundromat. Our efforts are to bring several partners to the table to make the Washhouse @the Metanoia Center a reality.

We are currently in the planning stage of this phase.

Opportunities to Get Involved

There is a wide variety of needs, and ways, to get involved at the Metanoia Center!  Amongst them are the following individual opportunities.  Behind each of these individual opportunities is often an opportunity for a church to get involved.  For example: a church provides for snacks for the students in our tutoring program – the snacks and the people who prepare, deliver and serve them.  Another local church provides for van transportation for the tutoring program.

One of our volunteer painters, Pastor Shawn from Crestview Presbyterian, putting on final touches!
  • Cleaning Specialist – a part-time weekly volunteer opportunity.
  • Tutoring Program – an opportunity to help with Lockland School students, beginning with first graders, helping to improve their academic quality.
  • After School MC Club – working with Lockland School students in a weekly after school program that includes games, mentoring and a Bible lesson.
  • English Language Class – working with adult non-English speakers to help them increase their language skills.
  • Hospitality Associate – the first person to interact with those visiting the Metanoia Center.
  • Facilitator – facilitate one or more of our curriculums.
  • Community Chaplain – a part-time volunteer opportunity.
  • Bookkeeper – One to four hours weekly managing accounts receivable and payable.

More details are available about each opportunity at this link along with how to let us know you’re interested!

Prayer List

  • Praise God with us for the completion of Phase 1 – to His Glory.
  • Continue to pray for the homeless, and under-homed, especially in light of the impact of recent extremely cold weather we’ve experienced.
  • Pray for volunteers to join in the opportunities happening at the Metanoia Center.
  • Pray for funding and the completion of Phase 2 in 2023!
  • Pray for our planning and logistics for best use of 113 N Wayne now that we have occupancy and our ministry team’s orient their ministry work to the new space.   Also pray that all of our students, though just next door, easily find us!
  • Pray for our upcoming board meeting in January!
  • Pray with us as we make plans for a public building dedication and ribbon cutting in February!

Serving With You Because of Him!

Jim and Phyllis
Galatians 2:20

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About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Metanoia Center. Donations to their ministry may be made through the Metanoia Center, Business Office, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, OH, 45215 or online by visiting If sent by postal mail, please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.  The Metanoia Center is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization, thus your donation is eligible to be considered for tax exemption – please consult with your tax professional for details.