Newsletter March 2023

Dedication Service

Tuesday, February 21, 2023, three years to the date, over 60 people gathered at the Metanoia Center to celebrate what God has done – completing Phase One of a Home for the Metanoia Center!   Mayor Mark Mason shared about the Village of Locklands part in making this a transforming reality, the Board of the Metanoia Center officially dedicated the building and a challenging and life giving message was brought by Pastor Mark Lopez!   Thank you to everyone who participated by giving finances, time, sweat and tears!   As we closed the evening we discussed how this is Phase One of Four – completed – and that we’re just getting started!

Here is the dedication statement read by our Board.

February 21, 2023
Metanoia Center Board Dedication

We are here today at the Metanoia Center as witness to the faithfulness and provision of God. The Metanoia Center started out of a desire to help build, restore, and rejuvenate not only a building for ministry purposes but also the hearts, lives, and generations of the Village of Lockland. You are witnessing direct answers to prayer for the physical space and resources but also for the many hands and hearts dedicated to the ministry of the Metanoia Center. This is a witness to the hours of time spent demolishing the old ruin of the previous building to the new revived space we are currently standing in and enjoying. Metaphorically this is the hope and goal of the mission of the Metanoia Center – to help facilitate change in the lives and generations of the people and neighborhoods touching and interacting with the Metanoia Center and the Village of Lockland.

Today, Tuesday, February 21, 2023, we, the Board of the Metanoia Center, dedicate this space to the mission of Metanoia – a spiritual conversion, a fundamental change of mind, a turning around, a transformative change of heart, a reformation. We dedicate this building to the people who have poured hours of time volunteering with this ministry, to the people of Lockland, to the generations to come who will benefit from this space, and to the greater ministry of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and furthering the commission to go and make disciples, reaching many nations and people.

Below is a brief video from the evening.  Additional photos can be seen on our Facebook page at

Phase Two

Phase Two covers completing the renovation of the second floor of 113 N. Wayne Ave. The second floor consists of two apartments, that when rented, will help address the housing shortage in the immediate area. The proceeds from renting these units will also help create a sustainable income for the Metanoia Center to cover our monthly operating expenses!

Our general contractor, Unlimited Carpentry, has submitted to us a formal estimate of costs to completely renovate this floor. The cost, including a small contingency amount in the budget, is $175,000.00.   We currently have $25,000 of this amount!  This estimate covers two of everything, two HVAC units, two electrical panels, two bathrooms, two kitchens, new windows throughout, dry walling, new doors including fire rated doors where required, new flooring, renovation of the stairs and stairwell and more.  Our goal is to complete the renovation and rent the apartments before the end of 2023!

We are currently seeking donations, donor partners and grants to accomplish the complete renovation.  To read more, to donate or to ask questions, or to contact us, please visit our website at .

Van Donation

We are so grateful for Wyoming Baptist Church lending their van to us every week.   We currently utilize their van to transport students from Lockland Schools to our front door every week on Tuesday afternoons.   Thank you Wyoming Baptist for this huge gift of resources.

For the past year we’ve been praying and asking for our own van, and the funds to maintain and use it!   Having our own van will expand our capabilities and programs, thus making it possible for us to connect, and serve, more individuals through the program offerings, and the ministry partners, at the Metanoia Center.   Recently, Lockland Church of the Nazarene contacted us letting us know that they have voted to donate their van to the Metanoia Center.   And, a few weeks before that Crestview Presbyterian Church shared with us a large donation towards a van.   Today we now own the van donated by Lockland Church of the Nazarene and are using the funds provided by Crestview Presbyterian Church to service the van making sure it is more than road-ready and give it a new paint job, and add our logo to the doors!  In several weeks, we are praying that the Village of Lockland and surrounding communities will take notice of a white 15 passenger van, with Metanoia Center logos on it’s sides, as it passes by!   A huge thank you to both churches for their being God’s answer to the prayers of many!!!


Thank you Faith Bible Church Children’s Ministry for overflowing our cupboards with snacks!   We use snacks in all of the activities of the Metanoia Center, especially with MC Club – our K – 12 after school program.   Thank you for this huge blessing!

Prayer Walk

On Friday, March 17th East Pickens Baptist Church will be joining us for the day, bringing a team of individuals from their church in South Carolina to spend the day at the Metanoia Center.   We are planning a time together that we call Pick-n-Prayer.   Pick-n-Prayer is a prayer walk that occurs as we walk the street and pick up litter!

We’re inviting you to join us for this time together!   We’ll start at the Metanoia Center, 113 N. Wayne Avenue, at 11 am.  Please arrive before that time!  From there we’ll divide into several groups and begin walking and praying.

Prayer List

  • Pray for funds for Phase Two, to complete 113 N. Wayne Ave., a home for the Metanoia Center.
  • Begin now to pray for the upcoming prayer walk with East Pickens Baptist Church.
  • Continue to pray for our programs, English Language Class, Tutoring, and MC Club.
  • Pray for wisdom as we develop new programs and potential uses for our new van!
  • Pray for efforts underway for a planned April revival to be held in the Village of Lockland.  Especially for those who are leading this effort.
  • Always pray with us that our efforts are focused on glorifying God and sharing the life-giving news of His Son Jesus.


Serving With You Because of Him!

Jim and Phyllis
Galatians 2:20

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About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Metanoia Center. Donations to their ministry may be made through the Metanoia Center, 113 N. Wayne Ave., Lockland, OH, 45215 or online by visiting If sent by postal mail, please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.  The Metanoia Center is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization, thus your donation is eligible to be considered for tax exemption – please consult with your tax professional for details.