Newsletter November 2022

A Call for Painters

As you can see from the photo pasted here we are getting ready for the drywall step in the renovation of 113 N Wayne Ave – Making a Home for the Metanoia Center!  The sheets pictured here are for the ceiling.  They are 5/8″ sheets, and when applied, will form two layers, thus a 1 and 1/2″ ceiling fire barrier.  After them we should be looking at the walls being sheeted up too!   In order to get the estimate cost down we committed that we would take care of painting the walls.  The ceiling will be handled by a contractor.   With volunteers painting the walls we should save about $3000 in construction cost!!   So this is a call for painters.

We are looking for painters who can do trim work or wall work.  We will supply all the materials, but, of course you’re welcome to bring your favorite tools!   We’ll be painting all of the walls, bathrooms, janitors closet, and backroom walls, trim and doors.   Our thoughts right now are that we’d begin work on a Friday.  Work through Saturday, and assess, and if need be, come back Sunday afternoon after church and lunch to finish up.   BTW – our walls are 10 foot high walls.

We’d love to have you join us if you know your way around paint brushes and rollers, even if you’re not a professional.   Phyllis encouraged me not say “this is a paint slinging party” because she wants the paint on the walls, not the floors, windows or on people <grin>!

How to get involved – text us @ 502.235.7338, so we can add you to the list.

What is the date?  As of right now painting is schedule to begin on Friday, November 18th at 10am.   We’ll keep everyone informed should this timing change via text message.

Progress Report

Insulation Day @ the Metanoia Center

We’ve seen great progress with the renovation of Phase 1 – Making a Home for the Metanoia Center.   As the drywall begins to be put into place, and we make painting plans, we are also making plans for our opening.  We are currently thinking about having a week long opening activity to invite all of our volunteers, neighbors and community leaders to stop in and check us out.  At the end of this week we hope to have a dedication service, open to everyone, to glorify God for what he has done!

We are also in the process of making a final “things needed list” for the Center.

In addition we’re looking at Phase 2 – the apartments above the Metanoia Center.   You might recall that one of our goals for the apartments is to generate and income that will go towards contributing towards the operational expenses of the Metanoia Center – and thus key to our future sustainability.  As we make final plans, and consider the funding needed to complete Phase 2, thus the entire building at 113 N. Wayne, pray with  us for wisdom and the fulfillment of this vision in ministering to the Village of Lockland and surrounding communities.

All together, we are at a pretty exciting stage in what God is doing here at the corner of Wayne and Walnut in the Village of Lockland!

Prayer List

  • Praise God for the progress being made on Phase ! and us closing in on the day when we have a Home for the Metanoia Center!
  • Continue to pray community and the recent criminal activities as reported in the news.
  • Pray for the Gospel being shared through the many programs being offered at the Metanoia Center and for receptive hearts.
  • Pray for the safety of our construction crews.  We’re very grateful for Unlimited Carpentry and their subcontractors and their excellent work!
  • Pray for our schools, the superintendent, principals, teachers and assistant.
  • And again, Praise God – thank you Father for funding Phase 1 of Making a Home for the Metanoia Center!

Serving With You Because of Him!

Jim and Phyllis
Galatians 2:20

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About Us: Jim and Phyllis are faith-based independent missionaries commissioned by Faith Bible Church, Cincinnati, Ohio serving with the Metanoia Center. Donations to their ministry may be made through the Metanoia Center, Business Office, 316 Home Ave., Lockland, OH, 45215 or online by visiting If sent by postal mail, please include a note with your donation indicating your desire to direct it to Jim and Phyllis Null’s Ministry Area.  The Metanoia Center is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization, thus your donation is eligible to be considered for tax exemption – please consult with your tax professional for details.